Defeat the enemies by attacking / defending.

Game Basics

Each round you start with a number (below number pad), and two potential actions targets above the number pad. (defend / attack)

Click the numbers on the number pad to reach one of the two targets within the allotted time.

Upon reaching one of the actions, the round is over and enemies and units take their actions.


Colour Action Side Effect
White Add
Red Subtract
Blue Multiply Double damage on current attack
Purple Divide Instant heal

Development Notes

  • Currently if you miss your target, you must wait for the turn timer to run out. This will be patched later.
  • There is a music mute button and scene selector in the top most of the screen. Health does not reset, so you can use this to navigate to a new battle at any time.
  • Roadmap



If anyone feels like collaboration, I could use an artist. Give me a shout on discord and we can chat about it.

Development log

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